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August Favourites 

I know, I can’t believe it’s September already. The year is flying by but on the plus side it’s my birthday month! So that’s something to look forward to. I also start Uni again this month which is a bit less exciting. But enough about September, here are all the things I was loving in August!


Beauty –

I got this lipkit a few weeks ago in Primark and I was quite pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the shade considering I don’t really wear nude/light lip products. It’s only £3 and you get the matte lip and a liner, a clear rip of Kylie’s famous lipkits of course but hey, make up is make up.

autumn faves

Also I’ve been really loving this liquid eyeliner from L’Oreal which to be honest is probably one of the best liners I’ve ever used. It’s so precise and makes life easier to get those little flicks at the end. I’ve included a picture of myself wearing it, it’s not the best but it’s a little close up of how thin you can get the line with this kind of liner!


Lastly in the beauty side of things is this palette, the Pretty Unstoppable one from Tanya Burr. I’ve mentioned before in a favourites but because I like to keep things honest, I’m including it again because I truly use it a lot. I’ve been using the eye shadows a lot lately because I’ve been obsessed with brown shades and this palette does the job. Also the highlighter is so pretty.


Entertainment –

If you read my previous monthly favourites you’ll see that I mentioned Game of Thrones because I was trying to catch up in time for the season 7 finale. Well I did. What a finale it was, I’m still in shock. SPOILERS BELOW.



I can’t bare the thought of waiting 2 years to find out if Tormund makes it back to whisk Brienne off her feet, if Jon and Dany will have babies and most importantly, if the Knight King is about to completely destroy the wall and everyone behind it. If anyone has any binge worthy tv shows I can watch to fill the void please leave a comment below. I need something new to obsess over.

august faves.jpg


I’ve been playing a lot of Sims recently as well, although not on my laptop. If you’re not aware and you love Sims, there’s an app you can download for free on your phone/iPad/Tablet and it’s bloody good. I even got my Dad to download it a while ago and although he doesn’t play anymore I can still visit his town to complete my goals. They’ve got toddlers, pets, workplaces, penthouses just like Sims 4. It’s fun, keeps you occupied and you get to design houses, perfect. Just search “sims freeplay”.

august faves 3


Lastly in entertainment, much like the rest of the world I am completely obsessed with Taylor Swift’s latest songs. I have Look What You Made Me Do on repeat, I can’t get enough of it. Being honest, I wasn’t completely sold on it the first time I heard it but now I love it. I love the video so much, it’s probably one of my favourite music videos ever. And then she dropped another one! Ready For It is so good as well, she is spoiling us so much and I’m so here for it.

august faves 2

Miscellaneous –

I’m including this app called Free Prints in it’s own little category because I didn’t know where else to put it. I love printing photos, putting them in frames or in a little album. This app lets you print off 45 photos a month for free, you just pay shipping. It costs no more than a fiver to print. Which is a lot more than it would cost somewhere else, Asda for example. You can search for it in the app store and select the photos you want on your phone, it’s so easy and it takes a few days to deliver. I recommend it to everyone. (Not sponsored btw, just a fan).

august faves 4

That’s all from August, let me know what you’ve been loving lately! Or link your blog to your own favourite posts so I can read yours! Can’t wait to include more autumnal things next month.  Thanks for reading,

Steph x


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