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July Favourites

Hello my lovlies. I’m so happy to be back with a monthly favourites as I missed last month. Just didn’t have anything new to talk about that I hadn’t mentioned in the month before.

But this month I do have some new additions!

Beauty –

Been using this mascara so much recently, it’s by Revlon and simply called “Dramatic Definition”. It definitely lives up to it’s name and has the perfect little skinny brush, my favourite kind. It doesn’t take too much to apply so the product lasts longer too, always a bonus.


Entertainment –

I have watched so much Game of Thrones lately. I’m already on Season 5 and I started less than a month ago. Considering each season has only 10 episodes it’s not too hard to binge watch the series. This is my third attempt at watching the series, I kept giving up because I thought it was too hard to follow. Turns out it’s not really. I’m absolutely loving it though, I’m kicking myself for giving up because if I hadn’t I’d be on the current season by now. So take this as a sign if you’re one of the few who aren’t watching it, do it.

One of my other favourite things to do in July was to play Crash Bandicoot. My whole house is obsessed with this game. We had to move my PS4 into the living room so that everyone can play it and take turns at each other’s hard levels. I played this game soooo much when I was younger, bloody loved it. It’s still so good but damn, way harder than I remember.

july faves 2

Other –

Didn’t want to make a “snack” category because I only have one to mention, so putting it here. I’ve been loving these Biscoff biscuits so much. I saw a while back Zoella was always mentioning these and I made a mental note to try them and then completely forgot until this month when I spotted them in Asda. They’re so delicious, honestly, even on their own. I judge a biscuit on being nice on their own as well as dipped into tea/coffee, which to be fair these are delicious dipped too.

july faves

Putting a bottle of perfume here too. My Mum and Dad bought me this back from their holiday at the duty free shop. It’s a new one by Britney Spears, whose perfume I always love. This one is called In Bloom and other than the classic Fantasy one, this is my favourite. It smells like Summer and cherries and freshness. If that sounds good to you then I definitely recommend this one.

july faves 3
That’s all for this month! 

Steph xo 




2 thoughts on “July Favourites

  1. Crash Bandicoot, what a throwback! So many memories playing that game when I was younger! Also, that perfume bottle is so pretty!


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