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My Top 3 Beauty Youtubers 

Hi everyone!

Like most girls I know, I spend quite a fair amount of time on YouTube watching beauty related videos. Sometimes hauls, sometimes tutorials, sometimes a “Get ready with me” style video. I love watching people do their make up, I find it quite relaxing. I love watching tutorials although I can’t ever follow them when doing my own make up. Which is nothing to do with these ladies I’m about to talk about because they’re all fab and detailed in what they try to teach you. I just suck at doing make up. Anyway, moving on, I have carefully selected my top favourite ladies who create work of art on their faces.

1. Jamie Genevieve – A fellow Scottish gal, Jamie is so bloody talented at doing make up. She creates some of the most beautiful make up looks in my opinion and she makes a bold liner look so effortless, which I both admire and hate because I can’t do it. She recently did a detailed video on her make up, giving pro MUA tops as she did it which were really useful, like how to use products for different things,, how to get the perfect liner (still struggling but I appreciate the advice). If you haven’t watched her videos before I really think you should! You can check her out here.

2. Shannon Harris – I’ve been watching Shannon’s videos for quite a while now, she has such a bubbly personality it’s impossible not to like her. I even started watching her vlogs too. Her make up vids are so amazing, she does really great colourful looks. Admittedly, they’re sometimes a bit too colourful for me but if you’re into bold looks you’d love her channel.

3. Tanya Burr – I couldn’t not include Tanya, if you’ve read previous posts you’ll know I love her make up products so much. I watch her tutorials for the brown smokey looks, I think she does them really well and sometimes she’ll include her own products which I quite like because I see how she uses them, how much she uses etc. Tanya has such a lovely personality which you can see in her videos, even if it’s just the tutorials you watch and not her vlogs. Check her out here.


Of course there are loads more people I watch but honestly for the past couple of months (more recently for Jamie), these are the women I’ve been loving the most.

If you’ve got recommendations on who I should check out (if I haven’t already) then please leave a comment!

Steph xo


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