Updated Top Netflix Picks 

Hi everyone! I really wanted to do an update to my recommended book post I did a little while ago but I haven’t finished the books I’m currently reading just yet. So that post will have to wait. I have, however, been watching a lot of Netflix recently, more recently because I was on my period and chocolate + Netflix is the way to live.

If you haven’t read my older Netflix picks you can here.

1. You Me Her – This is one of those shows that you could finish in a weekend. Or sooner. It’s about a married couple who are struggling with their sex life and struggling to get pregnant. So to spice things up, they invite an escort into their bed. Literally. It’s absolutely brilliant, it feels really current and I honestly can’t think of another show that handles this kind of relationship in this way. Aside from that, the writing is so good, the characters are brilliant. You will root for some relationships, trust me. Give it a go. If you’ve already watched it, tell me what you thought of the season 2 finale! Just talk in code lol.

2. Luther – Being honest, I hadn’t watched this in quite a while because I had finished it and didn’t rewatch. Recently they announced that the beautiful Idris Elba would be returning to the series! So because of that, I found myself watching the first season again. Just to remind myself how amazing this show is. If you’re in the dark, it’s a police drama starring Elba as DCI John Luther, who returns to work after some time off. That’s all I’ll say, it’s honestly all I need to say. It’s intense, gritty, sometimes funny. It has everything and I’m so excited to see new episodes!

3. Pretty Little Liars – Boy, where to start with this show. If you’re a fan, I’m sure you’ll have seen the very intense and long awaited series finale where we found out the identiy of A.D. I think I’m one of the few (based on twitter’s reactions) who liked the twist with the twin theory. I had read so much about it that I completely convinced myself it was real, although I didn’t think they would do another twin reveal, following Jessica/Mary. But now that the show is over, I’m going back to the start. I’m doing this because I want to watch the show when I know everything, all the twists and turns, the fake deaths, the real deaths, the betrayals, the reveals. I’m on season 1 still, it takes a while. But I still enjoy this show.

4. Before I Fall – This is a film which is based on the book (same title) by Lauren Oliver. I haven’t read the book, I’ll be honest. I had saw the trailer for this film and just decided I had to see it, I really liked the idea of it, from what I saw just in the trailer. It’s about this teenager who relives the day she dies in a car accident over and over again until she figures out how or why it happens or if she can stop it. I’ll say no more, although it’s no spoiler if you’ve read the book I assume. I have already added it to my list of books to read because I enjoyed the film.

5. Nerve – Nerve is a really intense film starring one of my favourite actors right now, Dave Franco and also Emma Roberts. Nerve is a “game” where people can dare each other to do things and if the dare is complete in the allocated time and filmed on the player’s phone, they get money. It starts off as a really fun film but it gets quite intense as the game becomes more dangerous, more risky and way more complicated than it originally seemed. It’s a great story and I like how it’s talking about internet obsession whether it’s Facebook or Twitter. I’d definitely check it out.


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