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May Favourites

Hello all, that time of the month again. No no, not your mother nature calling, it’s just another favourites!

Okay that was really cheesy. I hope you at least laughed at my cringe attempt at a joke. Or just to pretend to so I don’t feel bad. Thanks.

So if you’ve read my previous post on my holiday to Greece, that was most definitely my favourite thing about May. However, because I did a post on that separately, I won’t go into details, you can just check it out here, if you wish.

Moving on…

Beauty –

I bought this mascara on my flight coming home from Greece. It came with a duplicate mascara, which I gave to my sister and with a liquid eyeliner. Not including the liner because I honestly haven’t used it yet. It’s from L’Oreal and it’s bloody amazing, I’ve been reaching for it more often than my other mascaras recently, it really gets to every little lash and makes them look fab.

may faves 4

I’ve also been using a lot of this glitterpot from Tanya Burr recently. I got this in her advent calendar last year (really hope she does another this year because I love them) and it’s just gorgeous. Really makes your eyes stand out. Little messy because it’s glitter but if you’re careful (I’m usually not) it shouldn’t be too bad. I’m not sure you can get this if you didn’t buy the calendar but I’m sure she’ll do others this year.

may faves 2

When I’m not using the glitterpot I’ve been really into these eyeshadow palletes from Revolution again. I’ve mentioned these before and I still really love them, I love the different colours and how most of them really work well when you use them together. Plus, I’m so sure they’re only £4. Can’t go wrong.

may faves 5

Moving on from beauty, I’m including a television show that I started re watching over the last two weeks. It’s called Revenge, it’s one of the best shows out there. I believe it finished in 2015 but I just love it, I only have the first two seasons on DVD so I think I may have to buy the rest, or find it online if possible. If you haven’t heard of this show, it’s basically about this woman who moves to the Hampton’s to destroy the lives of the people who put her Dad in jail (for a crime he didn’t commit) and ruined their lives. It’s got drama, scandal, love, humour and a few hot men thrown in there. Plus, the two main stars are engaged in real life and that just makes me happy.

may faves 3

Moving on again, I think I mentioned this on my twitter that I’ve been obsessed with a shampoo & conditioner from Superdrug recently so I thought I’d include it. I actually bought this in the travel section because they were doing a deal and they just smelled amazing. I can honestly say I have never smelled something as nice as this before, at least in shampoo form. Just as I was getting upset that they didn’t do them in full size, I was in Superdrug the next day and saw them. So of course I had to buy them. They do other scents but this is my favourite, along with the orange and apple one. I have a thing for fruity shampoo, they smell the best. Also this makes your hair really soft. Bonus.

may faves 6

That’s all I have for this month. As always, let me know if you’ve tried these products before or have similar recommendations for me as I’d love to hear about them. If you’re a blogger who also does monthly favourites, leave any links below! Always enjoy reading these posts for inspiration.

Thanks for reading xo

Steph x




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