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April Favourites

Hello lovely people, been a while eh? Have no fear, I am back with another favourites post. I quite enjoy writing these, it makes me really think about products/tv/food items I’ve been loving during the month and I make little notes here and there so by the time it comes to write a favourites post, I’m all set!

So as always, I’m going to start with beauty –

I have still been obsessed with my new mascara from Maybelline but because I talked about in my last monthly favourites post I won’t talk about it again but yeah, the hype is going strong.

I did buy a new lipstick in April from the brand Makeup Revolution, which you may know is my favourite brand for eye shadow palettes (I currently own 5) but this was the first time I bought a lipstick and I was very impressed. This is in the shade Propaganda –

april faves

I think this colour is absolutely gorgeous, it’s also matte which I’ve found myself buying more of recently. It’s really inexpensive too, think this was only £3 from Superdrug so cannot complain about that.

I have talked about this Tanya Burr palette a couple of times but I just love it so much, this is the Pretty Unstoppable palette that I was on the hunt for ages and finally got it on Feel Unique –

april faves 2

I had a couple of night outs in April and I used this palette and nothing else. The colours are so stunning and you can create a really lovely look with it. I tend to use hot chocolate and cream most often but my favourite thing about this palette is the highlighter. It’s so pretty and you can really see it on your cheeks or above your brow, wherever you use it, it’s visible.

My last beauty product is this brush which is from the brand Technic, I think I bought it in T J Hughes, or my sister did, I honestly can’t remember –

april faves 4

Found myself reaching for this brush a lot lately, it’s really good for blending out shadows because it’s fluffy and again this was really inexpensive.

Moving away from Beauty, I’m including these black boots I got from Primark last month –

april faves 3

I needed a new pair of black ankle boots because my other ones were falling apart I’d worn them that often. As soon as I was in Primark’s shoe section I saw these immediately because they were exactly what I needed. If my memory serves me, these were only £5 (what a bargain) as they were reduced from their original price at £10. Which is still a bargain. I’m trying to not wear these as often so they will last longer but yeah, they’re really comfortable, really affordable and they go with basically every outfit.

In the entertainment factor, there’s been a few shows I’ve really immersed myself in over the last month –

13 Reasons Why 

I’m not going to talk about this because I am currently writing a post about this show because I just have so much to say about it so stay tuned for that.


Oh my gosh, I love this show so much. If you’re not aware of this show, you should be. It follows the cast from the Archie Comic books (so Archie, Betty, Veronica etc) in a town called Riverdale where their classmate, Jason Blossom, is found murdered and basically, the suspect list grows and grows as the show does. It’s really mysterious, dark, funny at times and keeps you guessing. It’s kinda like Pretty Little Liars (which has also started back again although I’m feeling very underwhelmed by it).


I saw Hilary Duff tweet a picture that her show, Younger, was picked up for a 5th season so I googled the synopsis and found the first 3 seasons online. Oh boy. I could not rave about this show more, I’ve literally told everyone I know about it because I love it so much. If you’ve never seen or heard of this show, please go give it a chance. It’s about this woman in her 40’s, Liza, who tries to get back into her career after she took a long break to raise her daughter and finds it really difficult because everyone’s hiring youngsters. After a bad interview she’s in a bar and this hot guy (one of the perks of the show) mistake’s her for a 26 year old, so she decides to play along with it, gets a new I.D and everything and gets a job straight away. It doesn’t sound plausible but trust me, when she has her hair done and in younger clothes she really does look the part.

That’s pretty much all I have for April folks, not much compared to others but some months have more in them than others. Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you check out Younger if you haven’t already, it’s great and Hilary Duff is in it. Childhood dream.

Steph x


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