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Hi everyone! I have missed writing a blog post so much, been crazy busy with uni work these past few weeks trying to get my dissertation completed! Now that it’s all done and sent away, I’m able to come back to my blog, yay!

I decided to do a “what’s in my bag” style post because I love reading these or watching YouTube videos and because I bought a new bag recently so I wanted to show it off. So first I’m gonna talk about the bag itself.

I got this beautiful Manhattan bag  at Boutique of Molly and it was really inexpensive and I’m just so happy with it. I instantly loved the pattern of the bag but felt this size was more suited to me (you can get the same pattern on two other bags).

manhattan bag 1

I’ve used this bag every single day since it arrived and it’s the perfect size for me. I’ve been using it on days when I’ve had to go into uni and I even got my laptop to fit in. There are two zips on the inside and two pouches. This is always something I look for when I’m buying a bag because I love having little compartments to hold my keys or earphones so they don’t get lost at the bottom of my bag. One of my favourite things about this one is it also zips shut the whole way. Often when I’m shopping for a bag the zip never shuts fully so there’s gaps on either side and I never buy them because I just know the day I use it, it’ll rain. I live in Glasgow so that’s pretty frequent.

whats in my bag 1

So now for the actual contents of my bag. I’ve kept what’s in here on a typical day, so it doesn’t include any notes for uni (because who wants to see that?). So first I always carry a notebook –

whats in my bag notebook

I’m a big stationary fan and I like to carry a notebook around just in case. Even though I can write notes on my phone I just prefer the novelty of an actual book. This one is from Primark’s home range and I believe it was about £2.50.

I also carry around this little 2017 diary again just in case, I use it most often for uni but I always forget to take it out so always just leave it in –

whats in my bag diary

This diary is just so cute and it has big spaces for each day which I love. I got this one from Amazon, I can’t remember the price but it didn’t cost much at all and they have so many really cute ones to choose from.

I bought this purse from River Island about 4 years and I still use it every day –

whats in my bag purse

River Island is one of my favourite places to go if I’m looking for a purse, especially this style. You get so much into this purse, there’s enough room for your coins, notes, cards. Plus I just really like the colour, almost goes with the bag. However, Boutique of Molly have a matching purse to go with the bag so maybe I’ll treat myself to that!

I carry around this little bag which I think I got free in Superdrug a while back –

whats in my bag bobble n pen case

Although it’s a make up bag I actually use it for my pens and usb. Again, this is more suited for when I’m at uni but can’t write in the notebook without a pen can I? Also carry around a bobble/scrunchie at all times because you just never know.

I mentioned this spray in my last favourites post and how I always make sure I have one in my bag –

whats in my bag spray


Smells so good honestly and the range is so inexpensive, it’s always handy to have something like this on you all the time for a little spray here and there. Makes you feel instantly fresh.

I don’t tend to carry around make up with me but I always carry whatever lipstick I wore that day –

whats in my bag mirror and kate moss

This lipstick I had on me is one of my favourites. It’s a Kate Moss shade from Rimmel London and it’s in the shade 05. Perfect mix of red and pink I think. I carry a little mirror too, just for check ups and to help apply the lipstick.

Lastly, I always carry around wipes –

whats in my bag wipes

As you can see these are just wipes from Primark which I seem to always pick up at the till no matter how many I have at home because I’m weak. Although I prefer to remove my make up with a cleansing water and cotton pad, I just think wipes are handy to carry especially if you’re anything like me and spill things a lot.

whats in my bag 2

The other things I carry are my keys, of course and my earphones and phone charger. I use Apple earphones because I find them the most comfortable.

And that is all I carry in my bag! I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to check out Boutique of Molly and treat yourself to something gorgeous you can use my code – BLOGALL20.

Steph x





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