March Favourites

I honestly can’t believe it’s past March already. I feel like April is so jam packed and the thought is stressing me out because my dissertation is due then I need to study for an exam. The only good thing is two weeks after my last ever exam (OMG) I go on holiday to Zante. So there’s that to look forward to at least.

Anyway, enough about April, this is a March favourites. Once again I’ve packed everything into little lists so here we go:

Beauty/Sprays –

So if you follow me on twitter you might have actually seen me tweet about this mascara I recently bought from Maybelline. It’s their new falsies Angel mascara and wow, it’s so bloody good. I have the other one, which looks the same except the tube is red but the brushes are of course different. I’m a massive fan of really skinny mascara wands, they’re always the type of style I go for. I was very happy with this style, I’ve never seen a wand like this before and it reaches every single little eyelash. It’s absolutely fab.

march faves

march faves 9

These Victoria Secret sprays have been out for a while and I actually re-purchased these two in March. The purple one is called Love Spell and the pink (my favourite of the two) is Strawberries and Champagne. They’re really inexpensive, smell fantastic and the smell really lingers which is a bonus. I usually carry one of them around with me in my bag, which is probably why I had to buy them again because it was just too convenient so I sprayed them a lot.

march faves 6

Last in this section is this dry shampoo from the brand Batiste (which you can find in Superdrug, btw) and it’s probably my favourite brand for dry shampoo. I just think it makes such a difference to your hair if you don’t have enough time and you need to leave the house without washing, this works a treat. Also this one is a personal favourite because it smells like cherries.

march faves 7

Entertainment –

Just calling this section entertainment because it’s got a bit of everything in it (hence the title of my blog haha,yes I did just laugh at my own joke) so first of all I’m talking music.

I have been obsessed with the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack ever since I saw the movie last weekend. Killing two birds with one stone here, the movie itself is incredible. I mean the cast was perfect, the costumes, the locations, it was all amazing. I think I sat the whole time just in awe of everything, it’s visually stunning. But the biggest thing I took from the film (other than a new found crush in Dan Stevens, obviously) is the music. I’ve had the soundtrack on repeat because it is just wonderful, it makes me happy when I listen to it and I love how I can visualise all the scenes. I mostly listen to these three which I’ve pictured below from my Spotify account. I just loved Emma Watson’s singing in this, I was really pleasantly surprised at how great she sounded. And Gaston was one of my favourite songs from the original animation so seeing this played out was really, really special.

march faves 2march faves 3march faves 4

A couple of weeks ago the Vampire Diaries aired it’s final ever episode and I stayed up late to watch it on a live feed because us poor U.K fans don’t get to see it as quickly as the Americans do. But I loved the ending and I got really emotional watching it. I’m including this in my favourites because I actually stopped watching the show 2 years ago but I had to watch the finale because, well I used to really love it. The finale made me love it all over again so I decided to go back to season 6 and catch up. It quickly became the only thing I watched in March and I’m glad because I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

march faves 5.jpg

Miscellaneous – 

Only one product for this section but I wasn’t sure where to include it. So, this might be seem like a “too much information” product but personally, I don’t think it should be. This is a daily intimate wash, or can just call it a femfresh for your lady bits. This is another re-purchase but when I first bought one I was so embarrassed I spefically went to Boots so I could use the self checkout. Because someone finding out my private area is clean is weird? I honestly don’t know what I was thinking but when I bought another, I got it from Superdrug (no self checkouts) and I didn’t feel embarrassed this time. There is absolutely no shame in buying a product like this and I’m not even sure why I thought there was or why some people perhaps still do. It’s important to have a clean body, for all your body parts and this is of course a very good product to use, it’s not harmful or contains harsh chemicals, it’s very safe.

march faves 8

That’s all I have for March favourites I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got a little inspiration for your next purchases. As always, leave a comment if you’ve used any of the products mentioned or something similar that I might enjoy!

Steph x





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