My Weight Loss Journey – So Far

I read a quote about a week ago that really helped me with my exercise over the past few days. It’s nothing particular epic or profound, it’s really simple:

Slow progress is better than no progress.

I read this on a day where I had only lost 1lbs and was feeling really down about it because I felt like I was dieting and exercising for nothing and that the scales weren’t showing any difference. But then I read this and I felt instantly better because alright, losing a pound doesn’t sound that big of a deal, right? Wrong. Losing a pound, even if it’s literally just one, is better than not losing anything or gaining a pound.

I started my diet in the middle of January and although I’ve had some cheat days that may have accidently turned into two whole cheat days, I’ve managed to lose a stone and drop a dress size in my jeans. This is a massive achievement for me and I haven’t fully allowed myself to feel proud because to be quite honest, I’ve tried to lose weight since my early teens. I’ve always been big boned and well, just big. Today in Primark I went to pick up a new pair of black jeggings (the same ones I bought in this mini haul which you can check out if you fancy) and as instinct went for my usual size. I guess I was feeling brave because I picked up a smaller size and headed to the changing rooms. To be honest, I didn’t actually think they would fit. I’m a very negative person when it comes to myself and trust me, I am working on it. So when I pulled them on I was really surprised that they actually fitted me. It was the first time I stood in the changing room, of any clothing shop, and didn’t completely hate what I saw in the mirror.

I haven’t been doing anything too crazy really, just been exercising as much as I can. I’ve been going on walks by myself and doing the belly blitz DVD by Charlotte Crosby which I’ve mentioned before in a monthly favourites. Other than that I’ve been eating a lot more healthier than usual and having breakfast every single day, which I think helps a lot, I definitely feel fuller for longer and I don’t find myself snacking as much anymore because I stick to three meals.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a long way to go. I am not at my goal weight and I’d like to lose another stone within two months because that is when I go on holiday. But today was progress. Slow progress, but progress.

Although I don’t feel confident enough yet to include any weight loss pictures, I hope that changes within the next two months. I really wanted to write this post because I wanted to share my journey with anyone willing to read it and to document it for myself. Maybe this can be something to read back on when I’m feeling low or lazy and this can help motivate me. Also please don’t think I’m writing this to “show off” anything, I am really not that type of person, I just wanted to share it with people.

weight loss post

If you have written a blog post on your weight loss journey or fitness tips please leave links below because I’d really like to read them and maybe gain some motivation from it too. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, it’s a really personal one for me.

Steph x


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