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February Favourites

Does anyone still think February looks misspelled? I’m a little embarrassed to admit I did triple check it. Anyway, moving on. Hello! Welcome to my February favourites, again this is a mix of different things so I’ll be talking about television and a little on beauty and even a game or two.

I’m going to start with television this time. If you read my January favourites post you’ll know I was loving 2 Broke Girls and was on season 4. I’m now completely up to date with that so it gave me time to watch other stuff. I’ve really been loving the new Drew Barrymore show on Netflix, called Santa Clarita Diet. My best friend recommended this to me and I rejected it at first because being honest, I’m not really into anything Zombie related (why I still can’t get into The Walking Dead) but this show is really, really funny. It’s about a normal, suburban family who try to stay as normal as possible when the mum, Drew Barrymore, starts craving human flesh and is essentially dead, but not dead. It’s hard to sell to people, I’ve tried to get my mum and sister to watch it but they refuse, but it’s hilarious, kinda gross at times, I can’t eat whilst I watch it.

Also on television I got back into New Girl. As I said when I finished 2 Broke Girls, I felt the usual empty hole within me whenever I finish a show or need to wait a week for the other, how do people do that!? But I remembered I hadn’t saw a single episode of the new season of New Girl so I binge watched that too. I have friends I swear.

Moving on to a game I’ve been obsessed with. Sims 4. I know, this has been out for a while and I’m just jumping on the bandwagon. I absolutely love this game, I am so impressed with the graphics they really are on another level. My sister got really into this too which sucks because now we share but also fun cause we can play it together. I haven’t bought any expansion packs yet but I will be very soon.


It’s not really a game but an app I wanted to mention is one called Episode. This is an interactive story app where you play stories and you have a say in how it goes by making choices in it. It’s really fun, there’s so many different ones to play and different genres. There’s romance, mystery, drama etc. There’s so many talented writers that upload as well as users who make their own stories, some of which are just as talented and should be writing novels. Want to quickly mention my favourite story in it, it’s called Dripping Mascara and it’s written by Genevieve Marshall, she’s had me in tears so many times reading her story it really is one of the most emotional yet beautiful stories I’ve came across. You can download the app on the app store if you search Episode, it’s also free.


In beauty, I’ve really been loving Primark’s lip products. I mentioned this matte lip and crayon in another blog post, which I’ve linked in case you wanted to check it out. I’ve included two other crayons, a red and a light pink shade. I really like wearing these crayons as you can tell from the picture I’ll need to repurchase the red and pink soon.


Some random things I’ve been loving is going on walks. I’ve been on a diet for a few weeks and been getting into going on walks as part of my exercise. I have been going on 4 mile walks with my older cousin and it’s been tough but I feel like it’s been making a difference.

That’s all I have for this month let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving, or link me with your own February favourites if you’ve uploaded one! Thanks so much for reading.

Steph x


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