My Fashion Wishlist

It recently occurred to me that I hadn’t written a fashion inspired post yet so thought I’d change that. I did a beauty wishlist where I only (surprise) included make up products. So here we go, everything listed below is from Boohoo and New look because those are my current favourite places to shop for clothes. I’m currently watching old Zoella vlogs as I write this so it’ll probably take longer than it should.

Starting with items from New Look, who have a pretty big sale on right now btw, if you didn’t already know. Although when I went into the shop in person I didn’t see anything I liked but there’s usually something on the website.

This first item isn’t from sale but I had to include it because it has stripes. I love stripes. I am so sure I have something similar to this top but because it has stripes I literally cannot resist. Also I really like that the stripes aren’t the same if that makes sense. It just looks really comfortable too.


I really like this dress although it’s not suitable for Scottish weather, I am definitely saving this for my holiday in a few months. This is from Cameo Rose, which is one of the brands within New Look and my personal favourite. Being honest, it’s the only brand I actually know about and I’ve bought a few dresses from it before. I love this dress, it would be perfect for warm weather and even though the model pairs it with black boots I think it would look lovely with white converse.


This next dress is not something I’d usually buy but I just really like the style and the colours and I think with some black tights and ankle boots, it would look really pretty.


This shirt really stood out to me. Again this doesn’t strike me as something I would typically buy but the colours really grabbed my attention. I think with black jeans and boots or even white converse this would be a really nice look.


Moving on from New Look, the other website I’ve been loving for clothes is I have bought the majority of my going out dresses from Boohoo because I find their prices are really decent and their clothes are gorgeous. First item on my wishlist, isn’t a dress, but this t-shirt is cute, I really like basic t-shirts like this that go nice with a pair of jeans and black boots and it’s simple yet chic. I also like that the “xoxo” just made me think of Gossip Girl.


Sticking with the t-shirts I also really love this anchor t-shirt that I would totally love to take on holiday with me. I think this is super cute and looks comfortable, would look so cute in the summer with shorts or jeans (I’m from Scotland so summer still requires jeans).


Lastly, I’ve included both colours of this gorgeous midi dress that I just can’t not include because hello, it’s beautiful. In black and white. I would absolutely love to wear this, it comes in blue and a violet colour which would look beautiful for perhaps a wedding or a fancy party.


That’s all I have for today folks! Feel like it’s been forever since I uploaded a post because this week I’ve been writing a chapter for my dissertation so it’s took up a lot of my time. But yeah, I really enjoyed browsing through New Look and for these ideas and I would honestly love to add these to my wardrobe. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Steph x

P.S. Apologies for these pictures they are screenshots on my phone and when I tried to edit them they still showed the “Add to bag” bit for example. But you can see them more clearly from the links!


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