Mini Primark Haul

Hello lovelies, I was in two minds about whether or not to write this post because it’s a very small haul but according to the poll I put up on twitter (@blogitall1, btw) people still wanted to see it. So here it is.

I popped into Primark this week after a morning seminar at uni because I needed a new pair of jeggings. This was literally all I was going in for but I find it very hard to only buy what you need in Primark because before you know it you’ve talked yourself into needing another pair of pyjamas or shoes or in my case lipstick.

The jeggings I buy are these ones. I have them in a few different colours but my favourite to wear is these black ones. I prefer jeggings to regular jeans because I feel more comfortable in them, I think the fabric is more comfortable and if I’m honest I like wearing something without buttons. Also these are only £6 so they’re a great bargain.


I also got these earrings because I have a night out this weekend and I didn’t have hoops that I wanted to wear and saw these and thought they were perfect, only £1.50. I actually buy jewellery from Primark quite often, mostly earrings because there’s almost always a good find.


I picked up this eyeliner duo in white/pink because I wanted a white liner to make my eyes look brighter and bigger and currently don’t have one. I have a liner from Primark in black and it’s a nice formula, feels quite smooth so I expect this to feel the same.Also it comes with a sharpener so that’s handy. Only £1.50


I have this crayon lip in red and I love it, it lasts a long time, very pigmented for the price of just £2. This is in the shade Midnight and the pictures make it look almost brown but it does have a purple undertone I think. Also attached a picture of myself wearing it to give you a better look at the colour.

I couldn’t leave Primark with just one lip product so I also got this beautiful matte lipstick in the shade Siren, for only £1.50. As you can see it’s a really pretty purpe-ish shade and although these two lip products are very similar I feel this matte lipstick suits my skin tone more and is lighter.


The only other things I bought were socks and underwear which I won’t bother to show lol. But that’s all I have for today, I did warn you it was small. I’m trying to budget my spending right now as I’m saving money for my holiday this year so any hauls will be short for now. Thanks so much for reading this and as always, leave a comment if you wish to.

Steph x










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