My Perfume Collection

Hi guys! Posts like these where people show you their collection of books, make up, favourite movies are one of my favourite posts to read. Not sure if this is because I’m incredibly nosy or want some inspiration. To be fair it’s probably a mixture of both. Therefore I decided to write my own post on my perfume collection for those who are nosy like me or maybe want to try a new perfume.


So as you can see I have a fair amount of perfumes. I’m a bit of a hoarder. I mostly have celebrity brands such as Beyonce and Katy Perry, which you might notice on the top shelf if you have these perfumes. Starting with the top shelf…


So on the top shelf I have my two 100ml Beyonce Heat perfumes on either side and two 30ml at the back. Beside them I have the two Katy Perry perfumes from the cat collection (meow collection?) and two from her Killer Queen collection (Killer Queen and Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution) I really love Beyonce’s perfumes, as I’m sure you can tell. My favourite is the purple one, Midnight Heat, it has a strong yet sweet, sensual scent to it perfect for evenings. The Wild Orchid (pink one) is another favourite, this is a very sweet, feminine kind of scent which I personally love. I know that the cat perfumes from Katy Perry are quite old now, I don’t think they’re available in most perfume shops anymore but I still wear these, the purple is called Purr and the pink is just called Meow. I think I’d say Purr is more of an evening scent whereas Meow is a lovely daytime scent as it’s much sweeter. If you’re more into a floral scent, the Killer Queen (red one) is for you.

On to the bottom shelf…


My most recent perfumes is the newer Ariana Grande perfume (the pink one at the front) and the Christina Aguilera one in the middle, which I got at Christmas. As you can see I have the two Ariana Grande perfumes, the clear bottle is called Ari and the pink one is Sweet Like Candy. I had grown to be quite a big fan of her so when she brought out her own perfumes I jumped on the band wagon. The Ari scent is beautiful, it’s quite floral yet fruity at the same time. Sweet Like Candy is also a beautiful scent, it’s a bit stronger I feel. Also they come with cute little pom poms that you can actually unclip from the bottle and attach it to your bag or keys, which is cool.

Behind the Ariana Grande perfumes is one by Lady GaGa, which I just remembered whilst writing this that I have two of hers. The first one she released, Fame, the little black bottle with the gold spikes is a unisex scent, which I didn’t actually know until I read it online. The second perfume of hers, Eau de GaGa is one I bought in duty free at the Airport last year before I went to Turkey and I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure if I liked it, put it back on the shelf, went back to it, until I eventually bought it. It’s a strong scent, I’m not sure how I would describe it but it reminded me of something, again I’m not sure what.

On the other side I have one of my favourite Britney Spears perfumes (the colourful one right at the edge) which I’m fairly confident is called Crystal Radiance. Or maybe just Radiance. I used to have a lot more of hers from her Fantasy range but I used them so often they ran out. The other celeb perfume collection I currently own is Rihanna’s which I also love, the Rogue one and Nude, very different scents.

The only “designer”perfumes I own is one from Ted Baker, Vera Wang and Jimmy Choo, the purple one called Flash, which is actually one of my top favourites. I got this as a birthday present and I try not to wear it too much so it doesn’t run out.

I really hope you liked this post, it was a lot harder than I originally thought to describe a smell. I tried my hardest but most of the time I just like the scent and don’t even know the ingredients to it. I’m quite glad I did this post because I’ve become more aware of the other perfumes I own that I neglect, I have a select few that I wear the most (Sweet Like Candy, Crystal Radiance and any Beyonce ones) so now I’m gonna try and use some of my other ones.

Thank you so much for reading, let me know in the comments your favourite perfume?

Steph x


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