The Favourites Tag 

Hi! Welcome to my second blog post of the week, I’m on a roll. Today I was in a mood for answering questions so I found this tag where you give your favourite thing (movie, drink, etc) so I’ve compiled a list that I found online.

  1. Favourite movie? – The Dark Knight, I just love it, Heath Ledger is the ultimate Joker in my opinion
  2. Favourite actor? – Honestly this changes a lot but a few of my top favourites are Will Smith, James McAvoy and Ryan Reynolds.
  3. Favourite actress? – Same as above but few tops are Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick. 
  4. Tv show? – So bloody many it’s embarrassing, here’s a few. Friends, Nashville, The Office (U.S version), Modern Family and recently, Girls. 
  5. Artist/Group? – For solo artist I’d say right now it’s Ed Sheeran and for group, Little Mix.
  6. Song? – Castle on the hill by the fabulous Ed Sheeran.
  7. Colour? – Purple. 
  8. Food? – It’s vague but I’m gonna say chicken.
  9. Fruit? – Apples.
  10. Vegetable? – Potatoes.
  11. Ice cream? – I love love love banana flavoured ice cream, it’s delicious. 
  12. Drink? – Strawberry and kiwi Robinsons diluted juice.
  13. Season? – I love season 6 of Friends. Just kidding. Autumn, I’m all about layers and Halloween and Autumn colours.
  14. Website? – I’m going to say YouTube because I’m on it a lot.
  15. Favourite type of blogger? – I like a bit of everything but mainly beauty and lifestyle. 


5 thoughts on “The Favourites Tag 

      1. Ooh I’ll definitely have to check it out some time then! Yeah I’m really enjoying Girls. I mean I’m still in season 2 but I am really getting into it!

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