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Tips for when you have the cold

Right now I am loaded with the cold, losing my voice and my taste buds are fading. Just in time for Christmas, yay. Over the past few days I’ve been trying to get rid of this cold in time for Christmas Day because I don’t want to feel miserable and I want to enjoy my dinner cause it’s my favourite. So here is a short list I’ve compiled that’s been making me feel better.


  1. Tea – Simple but effective. I’m a big believer that there isn’t much a nice, hot cup of tea can’t fix. The picture makes it look quite light and milky but it was much darker in real life, must have been the lighting.
  2. Distractions – I’m summing up Netflix and games as “distractions” because they work similarly, when I lost myself in a game or TV show (Once upon a time is what I’ve been watching recently)  it did make me feel better because I wasn’t so focused on how bad I felt. I’ve been playing a lot of Tomb Raider lately, if you’ve played it you’ll probably recognise the picture, I have the definitive edition so the quality is insanely good, I’m impressed.
  3. Lemsip – I hate these, not gonna lie. I hate the taste so much but it did make me feel so much better once I drank it so I’m including it anyway. I had the honey and lemon flavor because that’s what we had in the house, not sure if I would like the other flavours tbh.
  4. Soothers – These on the other hand taste way better. My favourite is the strawberry ones but I’ve ran out so included a pic of the peach and raspberry ones, which to be fair taste nice too.
  5. Blankets & cushions – What is better than wrapping yourself up in your favourite, cosy blanket whilst binge watching The Office (U.S one, obvs) with a cup of tea and some cookies? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  6. Shower – This sounds like an obvious one I think. I’ve been really struggling to find the energy to do anything to my appearance lately because my face has been red with sneezing and coughing etc so it seemed silly to put make up on. Y’know I would sneeze as I put mascara on with disastrous results. The shower made me feel human again, I dried my hair whilst drinking tea (omg how many times have I mentioned tea, can you tell I love tea yet?)



If you have the cold, first of all, I hope you feel better in time for Christmas! I also hope these tips will help and if you have any other tips, anything I’ve forgotten then leave a comment! Thanks for reading x


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