Tanya Burr’s 12 days of Christmas advent calendar 

This was the first beauty advent calendar I have owned and I was so impressed with its contents I just had to write about it. I’m so sad that my 12 days are up and I have no more products to get but I’ve been really enjoying using what’s inside over the past week. So here is a list of everything that was inside this years calendar. P.s. these products aren’t in the order I opened them because 1. I can’t remember and 2. I’ve listed them in categorises instead. 

  1. Lipgloss in the shade Candy Cane – I think this was the first of the lip glosses. It’s a really pretty pink shade and it’s shimmery and glittery. Also what a cute lil name. 
  2. Lipgloss in the shade Berry Pavlova – I’m not really into lipgloss as much I am with lipstick but I really love this colour, a beautiful red and my favourite thing about these two is they don’t feel sticky as much as other ones do.
  3. Matte lip in the shade Christmas Stocking – I wore this yesterday and honestly it lasted so long I was very impressed. It’s a gorgeous red colour and a lovely formula it didn’t feel like it was drying my lips out at all which is a bonus. 
  4. Nail polish in Glitter Rain – Wowsa. This is so pretty, it’s a silver glitter polish you could wear itself, it adds a nice sparkle to your nails especially for a Christmas party. 
  5. Nail polish in Glitter Gold – I wore this gold over a red nail polish (Meet & jingle by O.P.I) and I really liked it, it’s very festive looking, adds a bit of glamour and made me feel like I’d put in a wee bit more effort. 
  6. Nail polish in Sleigh Bells – I can’t rave about this nail polish more than I have been to just about everyone I know. It’s by far the most beautiful red nail polish I’ve ever seen and it just so happens red is my favourite colour to paint my nails because it feels glamorous. This is so Christmassy, much like the rest of these products, there’s glitter through the red and ugh, it’s just stunning. 
  7. Glitter pot in Snow Day – I’m not the biggest fan of wearing glitter but since owning this calendar I’ve basically been wearing it everyday in one form or the other. This pot is a beautiful shade of white you can wear on its own, I have, or on top of eyeshadow and it really does make your eyes pop.
  8. Glitter pot in Champagne Sparkle – Again with this pot it looks gorgeous on its own, this one is a lovely gold colour.
  9. Glitter liner in Ice Crystals – These two liners felt very nostalgic to me because I was obsessed with a silver liner years by the brand Collection. I wore this on top of a smoky eye and it was so nice and sparkly. 
  10. Glitter liner in Treasured – This one is gold which I hadn’t worn before but I actually prefer this over the previous, it just felt very glam and I got a few compliments on my eye make up the day I wore this so maybe that’s why I like this one more!
  11. Mini mirror – Pretty self explanatory with this one, it’s a little circular mirror with the Tanya Burr logo on it. It’s got a nice feel to it and it’s the perfect size, fits in your make up bag for on the go make up applying or touch ups. 
  12. Mini nail file – I like to collect nail files because I always seem to lose them so I was quite happy this was included, again it’s a handy little size that you can carry around with you and it’s very cute. 

I’m so happy I got this calendar this year and I’m really happy with the products, really worth the money I feel. Of all the products I think my favourite is the red nail polish. If you had this calendar, what was your favourite? Thanks for reading X



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