Top Netflix Picks

This was a tough list to write because of all the choices I had to decide between. I’m a big fan of the old Netflix binge (I’m watching Skins as I write this) so I thought it was appropriate to dedicate a blog post to the glorious wonder that is Netflix.

  1. Gilmore Girls. I just finished this series two days ago and if there weren’t new episodes coming to Netflix tomorrow (legit cannot wait) then I’d be very lost and sad right now. If you haven’t seen it, this is essentially a story about a mother and a daughter relationship which will make you weep with joy and sadness and everything else in between. There’s more to it obviously (Team Luke all the way) but that’s the general gist.
  2. American Horror Story. There are currently 5 seasons worth of this show on Netflix, of course Season 6 has just finished in the U.S (not the best season but that’s another story). The great thing about this show is you can pick a season and dive right in because it’s an anthropology series, it doesn’t continue. Although it is very exciting when you discover some links between seasons (Lady GaGa in Murder House e.g.). Murder House is my favourite actually if anyone’s wondering. I think that seems to be an unpopular opinion but I just loved the ghosts, the story, characters. Plus, it was the first time we were all introduced to Tate. *heart eye emoji*
  3. Hush. I think by now everyone has seen this. If you haven’t, this is a film about a deaf woman who is terrorised in her home by a masked killer. There isn’t a lot of dialogue and in some scenes, there’s no sound at all, giving the viewer a look into what the main character hears which honestly makes it so intense. I’ve recommended this film to just about everyone I know, so now I’m doing it to people I don’t know.
  4. Jane the Virgin. This is a show that I first saw on the channel E4 about a woman in her 20’s who is artificially inseminated (not on purpose) by her gynaecologist and has to deal with her “immaculate conception”. It’s a lot funnier than it sounds and there is soooooo much drama it’s kind of like watching one of the soaps. My advice would be if you’re going to watch it, pay attention because there are subtitles (some characters speak in a different language especially the Jane’s grandmother.)
  5. Charmed. This surely doesn’t need a synopsis, right? Charmed ones. Power of 3. The Halliwell sisters. Ring a bell? I’ve watched this show at least twice, all the way through but sometimes I still watch an episode here and there because it’s so nostalgic and fun and what more do you need than 3 kick ass women who just happen to have magical powers and save the world? P.s. I’ve included a picture with Paige instead of Prue because although Prue was an orginal, Paige was in more seasons. Soz Prue.


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