Must have beauty products (drug store) 

One of my favourite blog posts to read are ones where people share their favourite beauty products, it gives me inspiration and to see what’s out there that I may have missed. So here is a list of my own, must have beauty products, which can all be found in Superdrug.

1. Brow Satin duo eyebrow pencil in Dark Blonde by Maybelline. I don’t have the greatest of eyebrows and for years I’ve never really known what to do about them, which products to use or not use. I’ve tried a couple over the last 6 months or so and this is my favourite by far. It’s so easy to apply, there’s a thin pencil side that is good for individual hairs and a brush side with powder for the whole brow. It’s a life saver let me tell you.

2. Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 1 by Rimmel London. Red is my favourite shade of lipstick because it makes any look more glam, whether I’m in cosy clothes or ready for a night out, this is my go to colour. The Kate Moss collection is just the best, so many shades to choose from there’s literally something for everyone. It’s creamy too so it doesn’t dry out your lips, always a bonus.

3. “The falsies” push up drama mascara in black by Maybelline. I’ve actually repurchased this because I’ve used it to so often, it’s one of the best mascaras I’ve ever owned tbh. Maybelline are probably my favourite brand for mascara, although Rimmel is a close second. I love this one because it has a skinny brush which makes it easy to apply the little lashes/bottom lashes as well as the longer ones.

4. Eyeshadow palettes in Iconic 1, 2 & 3 by Revolution. This seems like a cheat because it’s 3 products but tbh I couldn’t talk about 1 without the other 2. Revolution is the brand for palettes whether it’s eyeshadow, contour, blushes etc. These ones are very similar to the Naked palettes by Urban Decay at a much more reasonable price, think these are £4 each. It’s a bargain but it doesn’t feel like “cheap makeup”, it’s actually very good, stays on, amazing colours.

5. Gel liner in black by Maybelline. I’ve used liquid liner for years and I still do but when I discovered gel liner I was really impressed. The brush (which comes with the liner) is very easy to apply without making a mess and you can create a great flick with it.

6. Micellar cleansing water by Garnier. This is a bonus one because I only picked 5 products but I thought I’d add this in since you need something to take your make up off with. I’d been using make up wipes, which are fine they get the job done but I found some irritated my skin and I have very sensitive skin so that’s not good. This micellar water is just great, perfect for any skin type, there’s no rubbing involved your make up comes off so bloody easily. Also was only £2.50 in primark so can’t go wrong with that. It is also in Superdrug and boots though.



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