Top Horror Movies

Since it’s Halloween on Monday and many people will celebrate it over the weekend I thought I’d make a list of my favourite horror movies. If you’re like me and you love horror movies, love to be scared then you should definitely check these out. Also this is a random order, not by preference. PS, these films all require lots of popcorn so when you jump you drop it, just like in the movies. It’s fun.

  1. Hush. This is a film on Netflix about a deaf woman who gets terrorised in her own home by a guy in a mask. It’s so intense because there isn’t much dialogue in the film, I think I read online there’s about 15 minutes of it in the whole film but that’s what makes it so intense. It’s fantastic, definitely recommend it.
  2. Scream. A classic. I still love the scream movies but the first one is the best, it’s where it all started after all.
  3. The Conjuring 1+2. I honestly think these two films are two examples of the good horror films we’ve had in recent years cause to be fair there’s been some terrible ones (The Witch, sorry.) These two are scary, tense and interesting.  There’s actually a good story in both of them instead of just loud noises and scary music.
  4. Insidious trilogy. Again, more recent examples of really great horror movies. These films are still so scary even though I’ve seen them a couple of times and know what’s coming.
  5. Saw franchise. So, I feel like I might need to defend this one because I know a lot of people see these films as gory, disgusting and yes I know Scream 4 poked fun of it too. I used to think this too until quite recently I watched the third one on Netflix (random order I know but the first isn’t on it so what’s a girl to do) and had to see them all. Although I’ll admit they are gory I think they’re interesting, intense and original and I recommend to everyone to participate in a Saw marathon. horror-blog-post

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